MONO Network is security network for peer-to-peer mobile friendly digital currency.

MONO Network is a p2p based which adds features specifically focused on allowing tokens to be issued on the MONO Network. MONO Network it will be used for In-games purchase of every game that is created by developers..

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MONO Network uses P2P technology. The management of transactions and the issuance of MONO Coins is performed jointly by users in the network. MONO Network is an open source project. MONO Network, and anyone can participate. Through many of its unique features, MONO Network allows us to take advantage of opportunities that could not be covered by any previous payment system.

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MONO Network is completly FREE. You must just download the app , register and fill your invitation code.You can even mine more if you invite all of your friends.


MONO Network  is a security peer-to-peer mobile-friendly digital currency handling the efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another.

Mobile Digital Currency

You need only mobile phone and internet connection . Now you can mine even if the app is closed and dont drain your battery.


Unlike a centralized server operated by a single company or organization, an decentralized MONO Network consists of a peer-to-peer network of user-operators who hold a portion of the overall data.